Building a Futuristic San Francisco in Star Trek: Into Darkness

Follow Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) as they explain how they created the design for the city of San Francisco in the year 2259 for the film Star Trek: Into Darkness. They also go into depth over the creation of the visual effects for the scene where the USS Vengeance crashes into the city and exactly how large some of the files ended up being.

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Gregory L'Esperance's picture

Wonder what rents will be like there in 2259; say $30K a mo. for a studio?

thatstartrekfanguy's picture

Money has no value in the future world of Star Trek. People work to better themselves and humanity. What use is currency when you can replicate anything you want?

Hagane No Enjinia's picture

Buying the things you cannot replicate, like Latinum, energy and Orion slave girls

Jimmy Schaefer's picture

I'l just beam myself into a bank