Chasing Grizzly Bears And Career Dreams With Wildlife Photographer Charles Glatzer

In another beautifully shot segment from F-Stop Gear's Life In Focus series, wildlife photographer Charles Glatzer shares his passion and background. Formerly a commercial photographer, Charles decided to follow his dream and now teaches outdoor photography workshops as his primary business.

Originally from New York, Charles learned early in his life that he had a love for the outdoors, as well as teaching. Eventually he was able to combine his interest in photography with this, and has since produced some amazing results. Taking the risk to jump from a commercial background to teaching wildlife photography has been a challenge, but Charles absolutely loves what he does. Below are some samples of his work.








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Nick Li's picture

I really appreciate photographers who paid so much effort in spending time to capture these amazing shots! yet the watermark really hurts my eyes lol.

Oscar Kickén's picture

Pictures like these... I always want to hear the story behind them. They are beautiful in themselves, but when you get to hear the story behind, they always get so much richer. For example the deer (perhaps not correct animal but i don´t know the name, perhaps little Bambi would be better) in the grass, the white (is it a kind of fox perhaps) animal in the snow and so on. I wish more people would tell the stories behind the pictures.