A Chemical History Of Photography

When I bought my first DSLR 4 years ago, I offered a very enthusiastic "SAYONARA!" to the film era. This wasn't because I'm not grateful for the journey that photography has endured to end up where it is, but because my ADHD spark plug of a mind needed a process that was faster and more efficient than it's film and darkroom roots. Even with the mindset that I have towards the film era and the process of early photography, this video is pretty cool and goes through a brief history of photography via the paradigm of a chemist. Enjoy!

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Spy Black's picture

The instant gratification generation of today can't fathom a hidden advantage to shooting film, and that is the art of precognition. Shoot with film regularly and long enough, and you get to know what an image looks like before you even fire off the shutter!

Of what advantage is this? Knowing how to make the image that you want, instead of hoping for happenstance and luck. It's a powerful asset, forever lost in the new world of now.

Film is dead. Long live film.