Contest Entry: The 360 Project, Dancing Matrix Style

Ryan Enn Hughes just submited his entry for our BTSV contest and it is quite impressive. Ryan teamed up with The Big Freeze and set up 48 D700 cameras in a circle and then fired them all at once as dancers did their thing. The photographs are pretty cool on their own but the real magic happened in post during the editing phase when Ryan teamed up with sound designers at Zelig Sound to create two incredible 30 seconds videos. Obviously this is an extremely high budget project but our contest will not be judge on that so don't be discouraged if you don't have 48 $3000 cameras to play with. As always, you can check out all of the submissions to our contest as they come in here on our forum.

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I just wonder how it would look if they used twixtor.

Alberto Vazquez's picture

By far I think this is one of the most well thought out BTS video i've seen. That's just me. But I agree with Anto Vega, It's not about the gear it's about how you use what you have. I think that's what the whole contest is about. Just being creative and having fun doing it as well as helping others with that you know along the way. This has set the bar even hire for me now. Guess i better get off of the internet and get brainstorming for my BTS video haha

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This is technically very impressive, but there's something about the video that just doesn't blow me away. I think the problem for me is that if I had someone describe this video to me, with the 48 cameras on a rig, firing simultaneously as ballet and street dancers performed acrobatics, the video I'd be imagining would be utterly mind-blowing, and this just wasn't anything like that.

When you consider that this was a technique mastered 13 years ago in The Matrix, I don't see anything in in it that shows 11 years of technological progression, it seems like a step backwards.

I also learnt absolutely nothing from this video, and would be disappointed if it won the BTS competition.

1 camera, 1 light, 360 human photography, I could show you how to do this in 5 minutes or less

maybe I'll make a tutorial about it someday, but I'm concentrating on my fstoppers behind the scenes video now :) expect it in a few days!!