Detailed BTS Video of Powder Shoot

Inspired by Thomas David Photography's shoot earlier this year, CEB Imagery decided to put together a "Dance Powder" photo shoot and filmed a detailed behind the scenes video to "pay it forward." The video is well done as he explains the setup, process, tips, what he learned and even shows his first few photos which he humorously captioned, "WTF YO? That sucked." 

Phoenix, Arizona based photographer C. Edward Brice [ website | facebook ] noted that this is his first behind the scenes video of a shoot and I hope that he decides to do more in the future because he does it well. His video is informative and includes lots of tips. I also loved how he showed his first takes and even mentioned some of his mistakes so we can all learn from them. It seems these days lots of photographers are making behind the scenes videos but many of them are simply music videos of the photographer shooting. CEB Imagery lays it all out there in an effort to help and inspire other photographers. Well done. Here are some images from the shoot. Below the images I have posted the video that inspired the shoot as well as one done back in 2011 by Benjamin Von Wong for even further inspiration. Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed this video and plan on giving the concept a shot.







Here is a link to the video by Thomas David Photographer that inspired the shoot.

Back in February 2011, Benjamin Von Wong also did a shoot that was similar which we featured here on Fstoppers. Here is a link to that article as well.

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Colby Files's picture

Ed is a great photographer, his work speaks for itself. More than that...a great guy. He is always willing to share his knowledge and skills and has helped me on many occasions. I appreciate how he approaches each project too...each one being a lesson in photography. Because Ed is so much a student of the art, he is also a skilled artist. 

K. G. Brown's picture

Sorry, not feeling it in this one...

Dafydd Owen's picture

Agreed - seen it done better.
Although appreciate him sharing the attempt.

Andy Fang's picture

This studio was not the right size for a project like this.

What I personally think is great is that no matter how many limitations Ed could have put on himself (first time doing it, size of studio, etc.) he challenged himself to do it and went after it. Not only that but he put together a video of it to share with his fans of what worked and what didn't. I happened to come across it on Vimeo and was impressed with what he shared. 

Agree with the above... i personally just don't like the over processed look of his work.  Though, as a teacher, I really appreciate someone who is willing to adjust and reflect on their work and share.  Really cool