eSteady: The $200 Homemade Version Of The MōVI

Tom Parker, avid aerial photographer and videographer from Cambridge, UK, decided to try and make his own homemade MōVI rig without losing all his savings in the process. Parker is a Product Design and Manufacturing student at the University of Nottingham, where he got the knowledge on how to design and build the rig for his GoPro camera. The final result works great, and all he had to pay was $200. Not bad if you compare it to the $15,000 it will cost you to get the MōVI. Check out how he did it.

Tom created the rig using different materials and techniques - from 3D printed parts to bicycle parts he found on ebay, and it took him a week to make it. The rig can stabilizes on two axis (unlike the MōVI with 3 axis), which is useful as it only requires one person to operate it as the pan movement isn't constrained. The motors are connected to a remote control so the operator can set the shooting angle of the camera and even change it while shooting.


eSteady is a great rig for run and gun photography, for mounting on moving cars and pretty much for any action shot you can think of (as long as you dont get it wet). The creator of the rig promises to work on a 2nd generation of the eSteady, that will keep a similar price point, and will also support 3 axis.

To read more about the eSteady and learn how it was made visit Tom's blog

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You're confusing copyright with patent.

They are exactly the same stupid thing and do exactly the same wrong for humanity.

And this shows just how ignorant you are. Congratulations.

I think your statement can go both ways... At least I explained a little my point, you just yelled out insults, I guess that's how you know who is smarter and right...

So 2 axis per 200$? make it 3 per 300$ :)

Graham Marley's picture

I don't want to "do" video as a way to make money, I just want to have fun and play with it. This plus a Black Magic Pocket camera would be insanely fun.

Rad! Now make one for a DSLR....

bravo sir! get that other axis moving and get this thing perfected. then make a bigger version for a DSLR and you'll make a killing

Even priced at 500-700$, this would be a massive seller in the action sports videography world.

Jayson Carey's picture

I see that as the biggest market for something like this. Most action sports participants that like filming themselves have at least one gopro, and this is a great "next-step" for that.

take that vincent la foret! lol

do a kickstarter for a 3 axis one! i would back it!

I totally agree, there is a market for this product. Kickstartit and see what happens.

There is always going to be some absoloutly miserable jealous c*nts who say negative things about genius innovations such as "it looks like handheld footage" or "it´s a rip off". The fact of the matter is... the guy is a genius pure and simple...he built this thing at uni using bike parts and printed 3d objects for god sake!

it's not smooth...

Shut up and take my money!

please kickstart your project this guys wants $600 for his rig, i think your is better