Gallagher In Slow Motion ... This Video Was Destined To Be Made

In an attempt to create the best camera review video the interweb has ever seen, FCTN (Fiction) put the Phantom Miro up against Gallagher, 80's icon and nemesis to watermelons the world over. There's enough 80's power, shirtless old men, whacky hair, glitter and splattering in this video that some of you may confuse this for a Richard Simon's workout tape. But be certain, Phantom Miro + Gallagher = you're all going to watch this, love it and share it. For some actual information and FCTN's review of the Phantom Miro, check out their blog post on it. Enjoy!

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That Richard Simmons comment was brilliant, too.  Well done.

Entertaining, But with the beer can smash, I prefer the "Beer Cannon Montage" over on YouTube.

I've never found any comedic value to this guy whatsoever. It's was stupid when it came out 20 years ago, and it's even more stupid now.