Gorgeous Fashion Editorial By Benjamin Kanarek For Harpers BAZAAR.

Gorgeous Fashion Editorial By Benjamin Kanarek For Harpers BAZAAR.

Benjamin Kanarek is quickly becoming one of my favorite fashion photographers. He just released his editorial spread, "In My Castle," for Harpers BAZAAR en Español covering Haute Couture, which only comes twice a year and is only shown in Paris. The photos are absolutely gorgeous. This is truly fashion photography at it's finest!














Model: Maud Welzen with Elite Paris and DNA NY
Photography by Benjamin Kanarek
Creative Directors, Benjamin Kanarek & Frédérique Renaut
Video Direction, Frédérique Renaut
Styling by Sohei Yoshida
Make-Up by Angélik Iffennecker, at Marie-France Thavonekham
Hair by Patrice Delaroche, at Labelagence
Photo Assistant: Paul-Antoine Goutal
Stylist Assistants: Haruka SuzukiEric Waroll
Digital Retouching: Ashish Arora


[Via Benjamin Kanarek Blog]

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vic jr.'s picture

He used a Pentax k-5 with pentax glass.

Mediocre fashion shoot. David Sims shoots, styled by Grace Coddington, are fantastic.


Benjamin, to be fair, I should explain why I rated these mediocre. The model has little to no expression making these very bland and a bit like senior photos. The lighting produces shadows I don't find flattering. I parallel it to the David Sims shoot done in a similar location a few years ago for "Vogue" and featured in the film "The September Issue" which is one of my favorite shoots. Oh, I did bookmark your blog and love your work. Thanks for the "haute couture" vs. "ready to wear" article. It was great.

Rodrigo Villicaña's picture

How is this mediocre?

 Because, in a few of the shots, I honestly thought she was a mannequin.

Grace is truly amazing. Her vision really makes the shoot. Go watch the September Issue. I don't know how much imput Benjamin had on this shoot. The images are kinda meh but I'm almost positive he is a hired gun. I don't for a second doubt his skill because it takes SOOOO MUCH to even get to the level he is shooting at.

I also would not visit a forum where my work is posted because opinions can be brutal no matter who you are. I have read posts about people dissing Annie Leibovitz and Karl Lagerfeld. LOL.

The internet is a ghetto where the "vulgar critique the pure."

Hey Benjamin, would you mind talking to us briefly about working with your model on this shoot? I love your lighting and composition, and the makeup and artistic environment create a wonderful ambiance, but in all but 1-2 of the shots Maud has a lifeless expression. I understand there is a certain look these models go for---seductive, alluring, etc---but here she seems almost absent. Her eyes convey nothing at all to me and that, in my eyes, detracts from your beautiful work.

How do you communicate what you want from your model on a shoot like this? Or, does Harpers dictate that to you?

Thanks for your input.

You might find this interesting as it discusses the realities of shooting the "Haute Couture" and not your standard fare. Quite a different challenge:


Stephen's picture

Beautiful model,Beautiful clothes,Beautiful backdrop,team of stylists,makeup artist,hair,top camera,top glass,top lighting equipment.You would want to be a chimp not to take a good photo.Show me something that shows true artistry.

Why is it that I feel that pretty much any relatively skilled artist could do no wrong with such amazing locales, clothes, styling and model?  I mean, to my mind, photographically, there's nothing incredibly difficult here, nothing one would say "wow" (always with respect to the level of photographic difficulty and expertise involved)...

Other than that, I love the images...;-)

I think the most difficult aspect of all of this is getting in to the above said magazine ;-)

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Stephen's picture

I like you man,You took a couple on the chin in the comments and did not bitch out.Thats why you pro bro.

Live and learn Stephen. Live and learn. :-)

Paul Howell's picture

I cant believe that these shots are getting anything other than praise - great work!

Truly lovely photos.

Anto de Chav's picture

Elegant and classy fashion shot's.... very nice..

Great shots indeed.

Matthew James's picture

Nice stuff. One suggestion though (my personal taste): Add just a touch more fill to the shadow side of the model's face, maybe a reflector with a tight grid spot? I feel like her makeup job is a little bit lost with so much of her face being in such deep shadow...