Hands Down, This Is The Most Successful Parody Of 2013

I’m calling it. It’s nearly impossible to skim through your newfeed without being barraged by stories about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s latest antics or Volvo Truck’s commercial featuring Jean Claude Van Damme. So, what is the logical step? Combining the two in a perfectly executed parody entitled #VANFORD. New York based VFX studio Artjail has seamlessly swapped Jean Claude Van Damme's face with Rob Ford's. The resulting parody is both beautiful and terrifying. Here's what Artjail had to say about their passion project: “We were completely in awe of the Volvo Van Damme Epic Splits spot. And remain completely in awe of Mayor Ford's Epic lifestyle north of the border. Behold #VANFORD We used Autodesk Flame to comp RF. 12 hours from idea to completion!” Creating such a flawless face swap was a pretty complex procedure. Check out some of the behind the scenes images below: fstoppers-robford-1fstoppers-robford-2fstoppers-robford-3 Artjail is a big player in the VFX world and has worked for brands like IBM, Lexus and more. It’s inspiring to see that such a successful production house still finds the time to work on passion projects like #VANFORD. Check out their demo reel below:

via Artjail
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Savi You's picture

I haven't heard anything about Mayor Rob Ford until this article #outoftheloop

Paul newton's picture

I haven't heard anything about Van Damme until now so I guess it evens out.

ReinoldFZ .'s picture

I don't think Savi was trying to dismiss that person. I suppose that like me he is not from USA and for that we have never heard about the Mayor Ford so the parody isn't very effective as it's supposed to be with an audience in the United States. But the Van Damme's movies has a global distribution at least since 80's (my childhood) so his commercial was emotive like see an old friend.

In your case I don't understand how you didn't hear "anything about Van Damme" and at the same time comment in a page defined as a video blog where naturally the public should have a shared interest for the cinema...

Paul newton's picture

I am sorry that you did not get the sarcasm. :-P

Elisabeth Wallington's picture

I am also not from the USA, but Mayor Ford is (unfortunately) the Mayor of my city. Do your homework.

ReinoldFZ .'s picture

Thanks Ms. Elisabeth, I was negligent reading the article (Toronto), I've no excuses.

Writer Writer's picture

Go surf Jon Stewart... .

Artjail VFX's picture

It's Artjail not 'Arthouse'

Dave Wallace's picture

Sorry guys, swapped out that link at the end

Rych Pullen's picture

Hopefully Mayor Ford does not retweet this....It would surely create a thermonuclear situation for the FStoppers servers.

Jaron Schneider's picture

God no kidding.

Mike McKallicuffy's picture

I'm sure he'll hear about it through youtube instead of fstoppers. (and tweet the original youtube link)

Mike McKallicuffy's picture

this is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. just fantastic.

Ben Bruges's picture

Technically clever - but a parody? Not so much. Doesn't say anything about the actual guy and the stuff he was saying. Great if they'd also changed the voice over to reflect on some of the things he's said. And it doesn't recast the advert in anyway. So they've grafted a new head on. And?

Cam Norton's picture

Toledo Rocky the Rocket performs the most epic of splits, recreated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohvxUYebAdY

Photography Studies's picture

Such an incredible advertisement!


Simon's picture

A Ford being towed by two Volvos...

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this is so much better though..

ajabani belonduwaji's picture

As a toronto resident, this man is true scum, a drug addicted scumbag masquerading as a decent person, trouble is there are thousands like him not only daily users of crack but child molesters

Louis van Zyl's picture

Check this one out. Brilliant!

Daniel Orren's picture

Just found this funny parody! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbjIYT3cM0g