How to Create the Illusion of Hobbit-Sized People In-Camera

Seattle-based commercial, portrait and wedding photographer Ben Lucas gives us a quick break down of some of the techniques used to create the illusion of Hobbit-sized people, using forced perspective and props. Whether used to Turns Toy Cars Into Nostalgic Life-Like Images or to Turn a Cat into a Beard forced perspectives are a powerful tool in the creative's arsonal.

“Ever wondered how they create a Hobbit-sized person like those found in movies like Lord of the Rings? While "green screen" is the popular answer, this tutorial will show you everything you need to know about forced perspective, a technique which allows you to create these illusions in-camera.”-phototutsplus-

fstoppers hobbit forced perspective sample2[the final image from]

fstoppers hobbit forced perspective sample1[a comparable screen capture from the movie Lord of the Rings]

If you want to thank Ben for his efforts you should hit him up on his Facebook page.

via [tuts+][ISO1200]

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Timothy Jace's picture

nice. thanks for sharing!

James McD's picture

Then someone decided to do the hobbit in stereoscopic 3d rendering this trick unusable. Back to the green screen. Another cool example is Darby O'Gill and the Little People

Simon Whitehead's picture

Three Fourths?

Henri Lindenhof's picture

so,.. it's NOT real then?

Brian Reese's picture

All the theory is there and well explained but the result wasn't convincing. You can clearly see the wizard's position closer to the camera and touching the front part of the set up (table) and then the hobbit positioned around the middle part, even though she's sitting a little bit further back. Maybe lens selection should be added to this?

Sir.Lloyd Kirkland's picture

Pretty cool tutorial. Does this guy remind anyone else of Kenneth from 30 Rock? :)

Yuan Hao Chiang's picture

Why is the end result not convincing at all? What can be done to remove the table from the front part of the hobbit's side, and maybe the background is too close? Interested in knowing these answers.