How to Create Insane 360 Degree Light-Painting Photos with Eric Paré

A few days ago I featured Eric Paré on the Picture of the Day section of Fstoppers which led me to his website and my first reaction to his LightSpin series, was 'Holy Cow'! Eric uses a technique called bullet time photography and combines that with light painting to capture the surreal images. To learn how he accomplishes the unique photos and videos read more.

Eric managed to shoot over one million exposures while creating the LightSpin series using 24 to 27 cameras, one massive rig, a roll of ND filter paper, a flashlight and quite some time and patience. He sets up and calibrates the cameras to shoot 1 second exposures. After each shot the model then has two seconds to move their pose slightly. Eric dresses completely in black so that he can light paint around the model without illuminating himself. Pretty genius. The documentary shows you just how he is able to create the short videos. This would a great thing to do as animated .gifs, as well.












On his website Eric also has some amazing tutorials in .pdf format that you can download for free. Click the photo below to view and download all of Eric's tutorials.



If you want to follow Eric Paré's work just click on the links below.

Eric Paré's Website
Eric Paré's Facebook Page
Eric Paré's Twitter
Eric Paré's Instagram

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Wow that is insane, love this!

Incredibly stunning!

Thanks Shimon :)

Sometime I wonder, where did they 'buy' all these ideas and inspirations?!?! I'd buy some....

I'm kidding of course. Genius people are genius....

absolutely crazy great work

Have fun with ... you are the artist. =)

Just amazing - great post, and what a beautiful video.