How To Create A Time Lapse Electric Dolly

I wish I had more info on this but all I know is that a guy named "Ben" made this electric dolly. With an automated dolly, you can create moving time lapse footage. You can view more pictures of his creation here.

DIY Dolly from Ben on Vimeo.

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Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of

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Looks great... but could he make another one that actually shows how to make a DIY Electric Dolly?

Not sure I could make one just off the top of my head. What components... difficulties, opportunities, etc?

Haha, I actually do the same thing, but not for timelapse, just for travelling. Me and the thing on the set :

Making-of here, at 7:40 :

Beautiful clips. Makes me want to build one! Question! I noticed they were getting really close to objects in (1:19-1:30) and they had so much DoF. Sorry this is such a noob question, but how did they do that? high ƒ#? a zoom with a high ƒ# making it look like they are close?


@Nathan: He is probably shooting with a semi-wide angle lens around F4 or higher.

@Nathan: He could be shooting with a macro adapter of some sort also.

He talks about the dolly in the description on vimeo here:

and links to more photos of the dolly here:


can someone tell me how the orange film burn out effect he has to transition between two shoots. I am searching something like this for Final Cut Express!

The clip is awesome.

WOW! I love this one ... I'd like to build one myself.