Interesting and Unique Photography By Brooks Reynolds

Brooks Reynolds is a photographer and director based out of Ontario, Canada. His work always stands out to me due to his use of gels and very moody lighting. I think the thing I love most about Brooks' work is that so many of his photos look like stills from movies. He has an amazing talent for lighting and story-telling. He also does a great job of keeping his work consistent, even his film work. I can always spot Brooks' work.

Aside from some photography courses in high school he is 100% self taught. He is another product of the "School of YouTube," as I like to call it (a school which I attended and still attend this day). He is living breathing proof that you do not NEED (although I'm sure it helps) to go to college for this thing we all love. He got his start shooting photos of friends riding BMX and local hardcore/punk shows, and eventually grew into the style that he shoots today. While browsing his blog you'll see he has traveled all over, and when I got to interview him months back he told me that Mumbai was one of his favorite places to go. He finds influence in a slew of different photographers, and in films as well, with Fight Club being his favorite movie. After looking at his photos and watching fight club you can see how cinema definitely has an impact in his photography.

Check out these photos from Brooks and be sure to watch one of his videos up above which he shot for a local tattoo parlor.


















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I've seen some of these before ... something about giants?

finally he's getting the attention he deserves. awesome dude !

Well deserved, i was a huge fan of brooks so much years ago when he did more action sports work, and im stoked to see the direction/ style he has taken over the years.