Kurv Magazine BTS with Melissa Rodwell

I have been following Melissa Rodwell for some time now. The look of her photos is pure magic and the use of the Christmas lights behind sheets makes these shots really pop.

Make sure to check out her blog here for all of her BTS videos and write ups

[via FashionPhotographyBlog.com]

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not 100% but im pretty sure fstoppers already covered this... ??

Malware notification is back (in Chrome)

I'm still getting the malware notification intermittently. As for the images, I just don't like this style of photography. For one thing, the facial expressions are a big turn off for me.

It doesn't seem like many of them are in focus...

I'm not too fond of these new fashion photographs that always seem out of focus and motion blurred. Nonetheless some of these pictures are gorgeous.