Le Miroir/The Mirror: A Creative Short & BTS Video

Watch as a young boy passes from childhood into his golden years in a few blinks of an eye in front of "Le Miroir" (The Mirror). This bit of creative inspiration by Directors Ramon and Pedro comes with a behind the scenes video that provides some great side by side views of what went into this clever production. This is a must see, even if you haven't been keeping up on your French. I recommend watching the video first then the BTSV and then maybe the video again.

The BTS Video

via [Fubiz]

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awesome! just had a few mis-registration of the shots but it was nice.

Camera mans got nice legs lmao 

Proof that tattoo is still cool when you're 85.

LOL ! Funny thing is that the old man (from 3:50 and on) in the movie is played by a famous swiss singer for the kindergarden-age kids. When I was young, I had some of his tapes.

Jacques's picture

Nicely done.

Odd though, that they missed to correct the young kid having adult hands and hair on the arms.

I don't see what you are talking about. it looks fine to me.

great creative idea!