Letting The (Chalk) Dust Settle: BTS Of Chalk Warfare 2.0

When I first heard of Chalk Warfare I instantly thought of an office war setting or perhaps a battle of the blackboards, but the people over at SoKrispyMedia blew me away with the effects in this fun and quirky short film. It was shot by 16-year-old (you heard right... 16), Sam Wickert and buddy Eric Leigh with a Canon Rebel t2i with a Rode Videomic. Post production was done in Adobe After Effects and Video Co-pilot. Consider me impressed boys, consider me impressed. 





Sam Wickert with the Canon Rebel t2i

VFX Breakdown of Chalk Warfare
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Anthony Tripoli's picture

Well this is the coolest thing I have seen in a while. This kid is going places.



"Post production was done in Adobe After Effects and Video Co-pilot"

That is the best comment ever! You should try Google first if you have no idea what you are talking about.

Cool video though!

hmmmm great vid.

and you are also cool at spending money at VFX soft.

After Effects--$1000
VideoCopilot--$99(Action Essentials2)
Wacom Tablet--$89?