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Mario Testino's In Your Face Exhibit At MFA Boston

I woke up this morning to an iPhone picture from my dad. It was a picture of a wall that said "Mario Testino In Your Face." Ok dad, you did it, I am intrigued. Upon further investigation my dad and my little sister had gone to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to check out the exhibit today and told me it was amazing. Well I live exactly 2,725.2 miles from the MFA, so I had to just do some online research for myself. If you live in the New England area though, this looks like an amazing exhibit you don't want to miss.

For those who don't know, Mario Testino is a fashion photographer of Peruvian descent that has been working out of England since the 70's. His work has graced the pages of magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair. On a personal note, he is one of my all time favorite fashion photographers, so thanks for rubbing it in dad and little sis! In Your Face opened on Oct 21 and will run through Feb 3, 2013, and it is Testino's first major exhibition in the US ever. For more info, head on over to the MFA's website!

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I had the opportunity to see the exhibit. Really wonderful. The prints exhibited are huge 5 to 6 feet.
It is worth seeing.

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 Talk about a poignant response.