Mastering a Photo's Mood and Feeling with Film Noir

I love the work that the team at PHLEARN does. If you're lacking in inspiration, these guys can really help get you back on your legs. Today they released a new behind-the-scenes how-to with the purpose of teaching how to master mood using a film noir concept as the catalyst.


You really should read more about this shoot (very detailed) at PHLEARN. If you want to really get a lot more information on a wide range of photo topics, you should consider their Pro Tutorials.
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Need more of these types of posts!!!

Great informative, totally typically PHLEARN with great attention to sharing knowledge and know how!
(just missing some blood on the chap in the graveyard...the white shirt of his needed a bit of ketchup!)

awesome shots!

Very cool was actually informative....
Just one thing, maybe a hint of smoke coming off the girls cigarette in the first pic....

AleA's picture

If they make a very depth tutorial about shooting and post product this images I will buy it absolutely!!

Great BTS, would love to see how the Gangster Squad film noir was lit. 

Lovely stuff - I keep promising to do something like this - handy kick to do something.

And Fstoppers - thanks - this is the kind of stuff I come here for, shame it's sometimes lacking.

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BAD BAD BAD!!! I bought the tutorial and i'm very disappointed, it's about only 2 of the images showing in the bts, nothing about shooting, only speak about the post production for the less interesting 2 shots!!
I think this is a misleading advertising, and i also think that I'll NEVER bought something to them!!