Melting Cars, CGI and Post-Production By Souverein

Melting Cars, CGI and Post-Production By Souverein

This is not a way to present a new car or anything. Most people like their cars in one piece and not melting all over the asphalt. Souverein studios thinks otherwise.

Here is a little from the author about the project:
"The melting parts of the cars were created by us in 3D, the cars were shot in a studio and everything was put together in post. CGI and post-production done by Souverein Weesp, shot by Maarten de Groot."

Souverein is a post production company which consists of creative individuals who specialize in high-end image creation. Apparently Souverein, the company name, is named after Souverein Weesp. Folks at Souverein work together with photographers, autonomous artists, agencies and large brand companies to combine force of creativity. Their area of expertise includes image manipulation, stills and animation CGI, Photography and more.

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I find this better than those fake 3d cars that looks like plastic

From a purely technical standpoint, I'd have to say they seem to have spent all the time making the cars look great, and none of the time making sure the background plates match up.