My Secret Weapon for Creative Sliding Shots

If you are looking for a compact and travel-friendly motorized camera slider to add some creative and stable shots to your videos, then you need to check out the Zeapon Micro 2 Plus motorized camera slider.

With its small size and double the travel distance, the Zeapon Micro 2 Plus opens the door to a new world of versatility, especially when used with a tripod. It offers up to 4.5 kg or 9.9 lbs load capacity in horizontal, vertical, or inclined modes, which pushes the limit of consumer motorized camera sliders. The Zeapon Micro 2 Plus also offers three different speeds and a handy phone app for setting waypoints, making zooming in and zooming out super simple.

You can use it without the optional motor attachment, but I highly recommend that you add the Zeapon Motor Module Micro 2 Slider. In real-world use, I found it pretty easy to operate and quite stable. The size and weight are perfect for travel, and the range is better than I have experienced with some larger sliders.

I only have one small gripe: to get the most out of the slider, you will need a tripod head mount like the Manfrotto Ball Head or a Manfrotto Fluid Video Head and Tripod to take advantage of incline or vertical shots.

To see some footage of the Zeapon Micro 2 Plus in action, check out the video above.

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Clint Decker's picture

At 1:19 you said stick around to the end of the video to see that clip you shot. But then you didn’t include the clip later in the video.