"In No Great Hurry" Tells the Story of NYC Street Photographer Saul Leiter

Saul Leiter has been photographing the same Manhattan neighborhood for 55 years. He is known for creating painterly and abstract images with unique compositions and perspectives. He shot fashion for 20 years, and was associated with the likes of Robert Frank and Diane Arbus. He also helped establish the New York School of photographers. Filmmaker Tomas Leach has made a documentary about Leiter called In No Great Hurry: 13 Life Lessons with Saul Leiter. It sounds like it took Leach a few years to convince Leiter to go along with the project. He's known for keeping to himself, and his life has not been very well documented up until this point.

"Saul Leiter could have been lauded as the great the pioneer of colour photography, but was never driven by the lure of success. Instead he preferred to drink coffee and photograph in his own way, amassing an archive of beautiful work that is now piled high in his New York apartment. An intimate and personal film, In No Great Hurry follows Saul as he deals with the triple burden of clearing an apartment full of memories, becoming world famous in his 80’s and fending off a pesky filmmaker."


Via: A Photo Editor

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Wonderful documentary. Thanks for sharing.

Saul Leiter's images are fantastic. I look forward to this documentary!

super. thnx.