One Part BTS Video, Three Parts Victoria's Secret

The holiday season is almost behind us and if you've spent any time watching college football tv then you've probably seen the new holiday Victoria's Secret commercials. The creative team at VS always makes some of the most high intensity commercials year in and year out. This year they have at least three different themes and one of the directors is even Michael Bay (creator of the greatest movie of all time Transformers 2). Of course VS can't give away all their secrets so don't expect to be shooting Adriana Lima on a white horse anytime soon! Hopefully you can at least pass these videos off as educational should your gf or wife question this content :) Two more videos in the full post.

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I love you guys!

beautiful, were they fake flashes for video going off?

Ghislain Leduc's picture

I must be getting old.... I can't even appreciate this BTS... Too phoney to me :)

They shot this here in Chicago? Where was I?

I'd assume everything was fake Martin...but maybe I'm wrong :)

Snooze... More like 1 part BTS video, 11 parts boobs, boobs!, BOOBS!

What is the purpose of the gold foil on the camera? I noticed it at the 40 second mark on the final video.

Shannon Wimberly's picture

.... a boob in the hand is worth 3 in the video....

LOL @ Shannon!

Where are the explosions?! This film is quite incomplete since it was directed by Michael Bay (I kid.)

I'm probably wrong, but I think the gold foil was used to bounce some warm light onto the model's face. Perhaps it wasn't enough to show in the image while it's partially in front of the mattebox. The Milkwaukee Art Museum shoot is killer...