A Peek Behind the Scenes with Peter Lindbergh and Amber Valletta

A Peek Behind the Scenes with Peter Lindbergh and Amber Valletta

Peter Lindbergh is one of my all-time favorite photographers. I often refer to his work for inspiration not only for the technique but for the amazing beauty that exudes from his work. Not too long ago I found this little clip of Peter shooting Amber Valletta (a legend in her own right) for Vogue Italia. What I've found interesting about this video is the level of production that goes into a shoot like this, when the final image appears so effortless. Not only did he set up a gigantic box of blackout fabric (kind of his signature thing), but there are lights, fans, flags, nets; he basically brought a studio to the beach.  The lesson I learned from this video? Nothing is as easy as it looks.


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What ever he is looking for, he should keep looking.

So refreshing. If I see one more perfectly lit, shot, retouched and slick photo of a pretty girl I'll barf. People are watching too many Youtube Videos about lighting and Lightroom and Photoshop retouching. That's not what art is about, it's about communicating something, even an upsetting something. Want to see really "pretty" stuff? Go on flicker. Pause for a moment and see if maybe a gifted man with 10 times the experience most of us have isn't actually doing this on purpose, perhaps as an artistic response to the "shtick" we've gotten so used to. Yawn.

You've got a valid point there. In my humble opinion you have to master
the lighting, composition and post production and once you've proved
that you can do a photoshoot consistently to the highest standards, you
can mess things up and people will beleive it. If I'd do a photoshoot
with these results, no one would even look at them, they'd only think
"was this guy drunk on the set, why the hell did he keep these

He makes me sick. The work is horrible and this "art" is a waste. These
images are poorly done and serve no purpose.

Its fashion and its sometimes shallow. I personally like Peter Lindbergh's earlier work, I have not followed anything he has been doing lately other than seeing this shoot but he is at the point where he is hired by his reputation.

Honestly, and no offense, these pictures are not that great entirely. Maybe they're very artistic and stuff, but if they weren't by peter lindbergh and shot by any other low profile photographer. Leave aside Vogue, Nobody from any magazine would give it a second look.

Joe Giacomet's picture

This really isn't too much gear, it's pretty standard for a shoot like this. It's easy to think it is, but when you work on big ad campaigns and fashion jobs you need to cover possible eventualities hence you over crew and take more than you need.

I hate photographers