[Photos] The Adventures of Mr. Fly

[Photos] The Adventures of Mr. Fly

The Adventures of Mr. Fly is a series featuring a dead fly doing people-type things. You know, like skateboarding, building a snow man, and sunbathing. NOT like texting while driving, singing in the shower, and Googling your own name. The photos were posed and shot by photographer Nicholas Hendrickx. I assume Mr. Fly over here died of natural causes. Otherwise I wouldn’t know what to think of Mr. Hendrickx. That would mean a grown man sat around for a day or two (what is the average lifespan for flies these days?) waiting for a fly to pass just so he could manipulate its lifeless body. What the heck is this, Weekend At Bernie’s for bugs?! via IT

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Nathan Tang's picture

What's next? Using dead people to do fly like things?

Corey Rollins's picture

Dare to dream, Nathan. Dare to dream.

no one's picture

funny pics, nice work on macro

I love the pics! I used a dead wasp recently to experiment with a macro lens... but your pics are a great idea!!