[Photos] Fun, Fresh Twist On The Same Old Wedding Pics

[Photos] Fun, Fresh Twist On The Same Old Wedding Pics

It's always a challenge finding new ways to shoot engagement and wedding portraits when it has been done SO many times. Here are some shots that break the mold and have ventured out of box. If you have some creative ways that you do your portraits and want to share them with the Fstoppers community, post your pics to the Fstoppers Facebook group. Enjoy! via w2w

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This pictures will make great evidence in the divorce proceedings.

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Love these!

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I like the Spiderman kiss shot.  The one with the cat made me smile (although I'm not sure if it works as a wedding photo).

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very creative

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Some are really good, but some just cheesy pics which do very cheap photogs like running groom or pair with box gloves at home by curtain with heater showing through and some cloth drying on it...


http://www.fotorumba.de/#/investition. Did you know you have a few typos in your wedding packages. Best 'Weeding' photographer out there offering a high class 'expirience'. Sorry, had to laugh. Noted you have a running groom in your intro photos too, you might want to fix that so you don't look cheap!!! 

I tried some out-of-the-box stuff on my brothers wedding (brothers allow some more experimenting :D). My favourite from that day: http://www.focaldesign.be/v2/wp-content/gallery/huwelijken/IMG_4211.jpg

Love the one with the cat! I'm so gonna steal that idea! LOL

I do like the spiderman one a lot; just too bad it's soft... The fighting backflip is really cool and that cat one is really interesting... Now where am I going to find a cat on a wedding day... Maybe I should just borrow the neighborhood feline for a day? lol

Caption the last one "Fus Ro DAH!" 

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Last one is the best.