[Photos] Street Fighter Photoshoot!

AhhhYUkin! Here is a great "blast from the past" set of Street Fighter photos from photographer Alexander Nerozya. He and his friends came together to create a pretty impressive collection of images that any gamer would be proud of. Open the post to see his full description of how he made the images, complete with BTS shots and video. Enjoy!

Click HERE to see how Alexander went about creating these images in his BTS blog post.

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Kevin Law's picture

I want to like this more...but the hair for the guys is really distracting :/

Geoff Powell's picture

I think they are terrible. Photoshop crimes against photography ;)

Seriously... While I'm sure the cosplayers liked them, these are just awful.   I used to love playing streetfighter, I even sat through the terrible movie in the 90's, but these images are just so terrible.

Less photoshop and more time behind the camera would do this guy some good.

Alex A. Zaramenskikh's picture

Good work :)

Jomar R. Galvez's picture

Chun-Li doesn't even look like a Chinese.

Barron Skurril Von Snickerspan's picture


Molto Bene's picture

yeah, these are actually really bad.

Wow that's rough. I would not shoot Street Fighter photos unless you KNOW you can rock them. These are shot by my buddy Bosslogic who recently was commissioned by Capcom to do the Street Fighter x Tekken downloadable wallpapers.


Actually, they're not shot by him. He takes stock images and manipulates them. Big difference. However, he does have photoshop skills.

I'm a street fighter fan and the idea of the above pictures are great. However the expressions, posing, and compositions could have used more planning.

Kevin Law's picture

ok...those pictures are really good. (bosslogic)

Love the wigs, so cheesy! :D
I think these pictures prove that no amount of post processing can save awful pictures.

I think that FS i becoming a little bit overloaded and publishing this crap prove it.
You were doing such a good work please don't sell of yourself with the only aim of the site's growth. Less posts more quality.

Relzlife Ho-Shing's picture

ha, I had this idea for a while now.... only reason I didn't go through with it is because I couldnt find the right cast!!!! thank god i didn't do it

Forget the PS, forget how fake or real, or good or bad the photos are. I think the message is get out, have some fun and shoot........

crazy people can do crazy works :P

John Godwin's picture

Honestly, if this site had the option to log in and permanently filter out certain posters, I'd happily never read anything you put up by Corey again. 

John Godwin's picture

Sorry, forgot to add: These are all shit. 

I can't let this go as some of the comments in this post have been out of order.

If you don't like this genre, fine, it's understandable as, as the saying goes, you can't please all of the people all of the time.

But to be so damn outright nasty about it? There's really no need. If you don't like a post like this (or its content) you really do not have to read it, just move on and accept that other people like different things to you.

Or is it just Photoshop snobbery?

I'm really disappointed.

Willian Silveira's picture

If some people like it or not, they have the same rights to say it. Or the comments section is only for compliments?

That means that if I don't like something I can't say it?

THIS is bullshit.

To save you actually reading my comment again, II said: "If you don't like this genre, fine, it's understandable [...]"

Of course you are entitled to your opinion, and you are entitled to express it.

What I am objecting to is the WAY it is being expressed.

Can't you articulate why you don't like it? Can't you do better than to just call it bullshit? Would you talk to the artist like that to their face, or are you like everyone else, hiding behind the internet? Now, that is bullshit.

Kahleem Poole's picture

Some of these are cool. But um, is it hard for Westerners to understand that Chun Li is CHINESE, not white. WTF?

Dong Fu's picture

if the photo is not that much HDR then it maybe better closer to realistic way to represent. just don't like the touchness color.

Too much over the top post! AND using PS edits that can be found on any tutorial site, AND making edits you can see on thousands of other images.

I appreciate the work, but not the result or methods used. . . . ata certain point it becomnes redundant and obvious. 

Chris Lyn's picture

Although some of the comments are pretty harsh, one has to remember that this is a photography site; those pictures seem more about Photoshopping rather than photographing.

Michael Marcopoulos's picture

The worse street fighter pictures ever, Ken and Guile are just ridiculous, and Chun-li looks like a painted caucasian.

Willian Silveira's picture

BTW, Ken look like the 80's Hulk ;)


Fetching image ...
Sarobar Kasaju's picture

Why do you have play icon on the homepage?

Mr. Nuyoka's picture


Some of you are just beyond fan boys.

Corey did point you to the photographers web site which seems to be from Russia: 

Not AMERICAN like others have stated, Also some of the hair was done in post, Yes! The wigs look horrible but there is no need for all the abuse, Ever heard the saying if you have nothing to nice to say don't say nothing at all?!?!

I am really disappointed by the rudeness of a lot of the commenters.  Whether you like the work or not there is no reason for such rudeness.  I went to the profile page of a couple of the commenters and there was nothing much to see in their photo sections. Wankers!

briancalabrese's picture

meh.. not for me.. 

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