Say Cheese And Hold The Pickles: Behind The Scenes With McDonald's

Recently a customer from Toronto asked the people at McDonald's why the photos on the fast food giant's advertisements look nothing like the real thing you order in the drive-thru. The Canadian branch of McDonald's offered this behind the scenes video as their reply.

Follow Hope Bagozzi, Director of Marketing, for McDonald's as she walks you through a typical photoshoot. She first stops by a local McD's and picks up a Quarter Pounder with cheese and heads over to Watt International, an advertising firm where they photograph not only the burger that Hope picked up, but also shows you what goes on with the actual burgers seen in the advertisements; and their reasoning why they present it in such a way.

A food stylist prepares the products using the same ingredients used in the fast food restaurants world wide. He meticulously preps, prods and stylizes the burger to perfection before the photographer snaps away. Afterwards, the photographs are then sent to a retoucher that cleans up the images and puts the finishing touches on the shoot.

I don't know about you, but so far I'm McLovin' it.

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Fake advertising for fake food in a fake world....

is this comment truly real?

This is absolutely unacceptable, they stylize the food? Next thing you know we'll all be shooting models with make up all over their face and retouching them in photoshop to make them look better. Shame on you McDonald's, I'm appalled.

Seriously now, get a grip people, enjoy the piece for what it is and learn from the process. I'm gonna go grill myself a t-bone steak now, excuse me.

George Socka's picture

I woudl prefer less PETA more pita please.. Wait till they shoot the soylent green ad.

Oh, that makes me hungry. I get bored very quickly with product photography (it takes skill and vision - just isn't my thing), but I do love quarter-pounders.

heading to the kitchen...

Michael Wessel's picture

Did anyone else catch the '1-D world' comment by the stylist? Interesting video but a bit tacky. If that is all they do to make their food look good I'd be surprised. Also, the burger she got from the store with a camera hovering behind her looked much better than the average burger I ever got for my order.

eat mcDonald, get cancer. :)

Well, nothing new there. Interesting to see how it`s done though. Advertising photos are all fake. We all know that lol I just regret eating this disgusting thing for some much time hahaha