See Jennifer Lawrence's Photo Shoot for Vogue Magazine

Most of Vogue's photo shoot behind-the-scenes videos aren't full of a lot of meat, but they do give glimpses into the lighting and general demeanor of the actors and actresses on set. This video with Jennifer Lawrence is no different, but it's hard not to love this girl. I think she might be near the top of everyone's favorite actress lists right now. If nothing else, you can admire the photos from this shoot, because photographer Mario Testino and fashion director Tonne Goodman rocked this one.

Vogue also has a really nice, long article on the shoot over on their website. I liked this tidbit the most:

"You can learn a lot about a person in seven hours. Little things, like the kinds of food they don’t like—arugula, eggplant, goat cheese (“I have the taste buds of a five-year-old”), which TV show they’re obsessed with (Homeland), the strange stuff they’re afraid of (“I don’t have nightmares about clowns or burglars or murderers. I have nightmares about thirteen-year-olds. They terrify me”). But you can also learn things that are superspecific. For example, she got the nickname J.Law in seventh grade, but it was only this spring that she met J.Lo while hanging out at a party one night with Jimmy Fallon. “We planned out this whole thing, where we were going to spin around and over to her and go, ‘Please dance with us!’ But at the last minute, Jimmy pooped out, and all of a sudden I spun around by myself and said, ‘Dance with . . . me?’ And she was like, ‘Thanks, I’m just gonna watch.’ ”

vogue cover shot jennifer lawrence photo 1

vogue cover shot jennifer lawrence photo 2

vogue cover shot jennifer lawrence photo 3

vogue cover shot jennifer lawrence photo 4

jennifer lawrence photo shoot again

jennifer lawrence photo shoot

You can read the whole interview over at Vogue.
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sdavidweaver's picture

Photographers are interested in what the photographer is doing, even when the subject is J. Lawrence.

Matthew Wagg's picture

It'd be nice to get some BTS in a BTS video...

BDWT's picture

Hm..Photographers and everyone else get credit but the videographer's don't? What the hell, Vogue?

Nicholas gonzalez's picture

Oh they get credit alright; they get paid and do more work for them exclusively. But, I agree, at least have their names on the dam music video. :)

BDWT's picture

Hahah, yeah working for them exclusively is fine but when you open up that door to start crediting all the people who were on set, it's pretty much a slap in the face to be like "please make sure everyone's name is in the credits, except you... we know you worked hard on this behind the scenes video but that's not cool of you to slap your own name in there, because we paid you (yeah, we paid the photographer and all his crew too but still, no, to you)."

Andrew Strother's picture

She's been nominated for Best Actress twice, and won once, and their headline focuses on the fact she was in the Hunger Games? Seriously?

ozhaggis's picture

The next Hunger Games movie is released in two months. That's why she is on the cover of Vogue - so Hunger Games is on the cover of Vogue. And every other cover that PR money can buy. That's how it works.

Ryan Cooper's picture

It is all marketing driven, while her performances in those roles were AMAZING it is her role in Hunger Games and also X-MEN that is not only driving her career but also is what will sell magazines. Hunger Games is also current news, the next movie comes out in a few months. Silver Linings Playbook is last year's news.

Andrew Strother's picture

Which would make sense to me if this were Teen Vogue, but the average demographic for Vogue aren't going to be the primary viewers of the next HG movie. For their audience, pushing Lawrence as a top-tier actress makes more sense. Of course it's entirely possible/probable that the vogue feature was set up by her agent who would of course want to push her upcoming film. That doesn't mean I have to agree with their choice =P

Ryan Cooper's picture

Actually to the contrary I think you will find that HG has a HUGE amount of viewers in the 18-35 bracket which is one of Vogue's biggest markets. HG isn't just a teen drama like Twilight so it attracts a wider audience. (Though Twilight also seemed to attract a lot of middle aged woman)

ba nana's picture

i love the one with flowers so much!
Jennifer Lawrence is not skinny but she's still really pretty :D
She's not skinny; she's healthy.