Shooting In A Public Place Without A Permit: Von Wong Hits The Streets Of Slovakia

Shooting in public places can be dicey, and the stakes rise when you have start adding assistants, lights, a behind-the-scenes camera crew, and then start telling your models to climb street lights. Ben Von Wong keeps it classy during his recent shoot in Bratislava, Slovakia, where he shot dancers from the National Slovak Theater.

This video shows you how he worked the locations, dealt with incoming tourists, and exposed his Nikon D700 for changing lighting conditions from an overcast sky.

You can read more about the Von Wong Does Europe Project at Ben's blog.

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Von Wong's picture

Thanks for the repost mate :)

Masterfully done. Is there a link of where it will be displayed?

nice to see my country at fstoppers :)

The bench shot is FANTASTIC!!!!

haris Shakeel's picture

Wonderful as always, great work!

Take care where you accommodate, especially if you stay in a hostel =P

That's great!!! I love the video and the pictures!

I keep getting a blank search page when I try and click on the links for his website. Not sure what is up with that as it's not an error message. Anyone else have problems?

this is so great !

I'd be interested to see what the post work was like. Assume there would be on the ones where sky was the background.
Also - why bracketing rather than shooting RAW and relying on the contrast range available there ?

Von Wong's picture

The bracketing was to increase that contrast range by a stop over and a stop under respectively! That's all :)

As for the post work, I need to reserve some exclusivities for those who backed my project ( :)

Von Wong is always so clever and inspirational - I really appreciate that he shares his techniques so generously.