Superstudio Shoots an Entire Fashion Editorial in 5 Days

Certainly, fashion editorials take a lot of time and energy and often involve entire teams to get the job done correctly. Superstudio just released a new video, showing how they were able to shoot an entire catalogue for their client NN07, without the use of elaborate studios, equipment or even models. Perhaps the most impressive part of it all is that they were able to do this, in a total span of 5 days, while in Argentina.

Using people they found off the street, Superstudio put together an entire collection of photos to be using for their clients upcoming catalogue. This was done with great photography, basic photography tools and capturing real personalities of the people they found. Using real life people, the entire collection captures honesty, showing we all don't have perfectly angular faces, and that's okay. Watch the short behind the scenes video above to see how it was done, and look below to see some of the work they were able to put together.

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[via Vimeo & Superstudio]

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Zach Sutton is an award-winning and internationally published commercial and headshot photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA. His work highlights environmental portraiture, blending landscapes and scenes with portrait photography. Zach writes for various publications on the topic of photography and retouching.

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The simple techniques really work for this style of clothing!

Wonderful video. Wish I was there!

Stunning!! Really showcases the talent of the photographers who can step into this so off the cuff and create such beautiful images.

Awesome photography and great BTS Video, the reason I ever started visiting Fstoppers. Thank You!

I liked the video more than the pictures to behonest

That's super great shoot ! That's exactly the way I wish I could work in my area !

5 and that's also probably why I will have to move from my home town to find a place that is more "photograph friendly" :)

Well, you know, sometimes we are so used to our surroundings that we don't see anything special in it, and we need foreign eyes to see it.

To me the gauchos photos look phony and cheese, and for tourists. The same a bit less the tango shots, but still very tourist oriented. I would never do a photo like that. The last ones, showing some of La Boca old bridge is the only one that looks very cool to me. But I've taken photos on many of those surroundings, specially Palermo's (That is a neighborhood in buenos aires, where I live, not the city in Italy). Most of this looks normal to my Porteños (from the port, thats what we call people from buenos Aires) eyes.

Im sure I would feel in a dream if I go to Strasbourg and found a lot of interesting things to shot. And you would look at my pictures and say, thats a very tourist shot.

It's not only about the locations but also the fact that he has been asked for this ... that would not happens here ...

... and the weather here is so bad that i can tell you that you won't find my surrounding so lovely ;)

Looking at the first two photos, there's clearly something hilarious going on towards the right.

how were the first and last photo processed? they look great!

The Processing on these is kinda a big hit lately with the "matte" look. Try googling, "give your photos a matte finish". It's all mainly using curves in photoshop..

Thank you

The only thing i took from this is use natural light and VSCO the hell out of everything.

Lovely, I thoroughly enjoyed both the video and the images.

Verdaderamente fantastico el video, envidia me da . Enhorabuena al equipo

Errr..... must say something negative.... aaarrrgggh....

Absolutely incredible shots. Does anyone know what kind of equipment they were using? You know you're a good photographer when you can deliver such breathtaking shots with a small amount of equipment.

I absolutely love the post processing on these. I wonder how it was done...

The Processing on these is kinda a big hit lately with the "matte" look. Try googling, "give your photos a matte finish". It's all mainly using curves in photoshop.

loved the video !