Sweet BTS Video of Unusual Beauty Shoot With Beetles

A few weeks ago we featured a really whimsical BTS of a shoot from the team at PHLEARN, and this week we have something from them that's edgier and totally different. They took brightly colored beetles (that were framed as art prior to the shoot) and used them in conjunction with colored lipstick for a really sweet final result: Beetle Beauty.



You can read more information about the shoot at PHLEARN, and also make sure to check out their Pro Tutorials if you have a hankering for more.

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ian sbalcio | photo's picture

the beatles were a band. beetles are a bug. dummy.

Jaron Schneider's picture

I don't know what I would have done without the snide comment about my intelligence. Probably feel a strange emptiness in my life without knowing why. Thanks for the catch outside of that. 

Agreed. I feel the emptiness too. 

ian sbalcio | photo's picture

 i hope you guys can fill the emptiness with something wonderful

Sweet..Nice work Dude!

Fabiano Silva's picture

Really good work Aaron

Always like seeing Aaron from Phlearn in videos.  Does a great job breaking stuff down and always gives a tip here and there worth noting for later (the mirror part is an easy idea and never thought of that).

If it wasn't for Aaron I wouldn't know photoshop at all really.  Though from my experience photographing insects quite often I would have enjoyed seeing the legs bent a little bit to bring more realism to the bug crawling on the skin.  To me the legs make the beetles seem overlayed especially the green one.
*Edit. Name is Dan Dexter. www.dandexterphotography.com couldn't get name to show up in bar for some reason.

Usual Phlearn excellence. Make up was outstanding.