Taking Family On The Road While Capturing Landscape Photography

As a commercial photographer for brands like Patagonia, Marmot, and Garmin, Lars Schneider has spent years in the outdoors producing fantastic images for his clients. Being on the road might be a burden for some, especially when it impacts the time they can spend with family. This photographer has included his family though, and has taken to the road across the US in a 1971 Volkswagen.

In this video from F-stop Gear's Life In Focus series, you can get a taste of what days are like for Lars and his family. Having a baby and doing all of their cooking, cleaning, business, post production, and travel in the VW bus would make for an interesting challenge. As Lars states in the video, "We want to get more creative and advance at what we are doing. Being on the road with this, with all the heavy stuff at home, you're really free because you don't have all that weight, all that stuff with you. It's so nice to be outside and experience the nature, and the fresh air, and the dust, everyday."

The video was shot by Cameron Sylvester using a Sony FS700 and Canon 7Ds.







This has to be one of the best examples of not only living your passion every day, but integrating your work life and personal life. I think I could camp everyday and hang out in National Parks while taking pictures, and enjoy my family at the same time, how about any of you?

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It awesome to see people living out their dreams, really inspiring :)

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Yeah, it's living the dream etc... etc... Have one accident in a 1971 VW camper van with your wife and baby on board and you'd wished you'd been a little more practical. I don't think those things were even considered safe when they were made.

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That doesn't sound like the Dr Nick I know

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Inflammable means flammable?! What kind of van is this?!

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That last picture... makes me want to do camping. and I HATE camping.

Very very cool project. How about and exclusive interview with the guy Fstoppers?

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My favorite line... "..it would be nicer in a newer car... we wouldn't have to worry about the brakes..." (with their 8 month-old son on board). Oh!

That's a great age though. Once he starts walking, he's not going to be happy in a small van, so great timing! And this comes from a landscape photographer turned baby photographer :-)



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Thats the way i want to have my career too.

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We did the VW bus (actually had a couple of them over time - '68 & '69) thing across the country 35 years ago with a 3-year-old, long before car seats and air bags. You drive slow, pay attention, stick to back roads, and stay out of people's way. I also had an old Yashica rangefinder back then and was only shooting for myself. It would have been a bit more difficult trying to pack a full darkroom with you back then. But if the digital thing would have been happening then, oh yeah, I can see it. Why not?

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I love my '76 Bus, best way to travel. The smiles from people driving by, peace signs, people trying to sneak pictures, and sure sometimes it doesn't start, or hard start, or one of a million other things, but the view out that giant bay window is awesome and worth it.
I camp and do night photography in mine.

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We do this quite often. We are heading out tomorrow for California to shoot a wedding. I have a 5 year old, a 3 year old, and a very patient wife. They are great in the car and we have a great time together. The oldest will be in school next year so the window is closing slowly on the ability to do this. At that point, I'll probably fly more and go myself. No doubt It will feel more like work.

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So how does one finance this? I also suppose he got no other obligations besides his immediate family. I'd seriously like to know all the details that are not part of the "dream" and "fresh air".

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Lars and his wife both run a business together that revolves around adventure outdoor photography. Lars earns his wages through a lot of commercial gigs. When you run the show, all you really have to worry about is yourself and family.

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Don't have a head-on collision with that VW. Really dude, your family's in there? It's 2013 dude, get a safer vehicle to travel in.