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I was recently introduced to a new business,, from a photographer friend of mine and co-founder, Jess Robertson. TogTools is a free online resource for new or emerging photographers to gain knowledge through various podcast interviews from notable creatives in our industry. The focus of their interviews are all things related to running a successful business.

Jess and her husband, Stephen Robertson, are photographers themselves and launched this learning resource last fall. They grew tired of watching talented friends and colleagues disappear after a few years simply because they didn't have the business skills to go the distance with their art. There are dozens of podcasts available on their website with popular wedding, portrait, and fashion/commercial photographers, as well as videographers.  I have watched several interviews, I like the causal relaxed vibe of their podcasts. If you are looking for advice for marketing, referrals, and growing your business this is a great free resource.



The line up includes artists such as Brooke Shaden, Lindsay Adler, Joe Simon, Peter Hurley, and more. Each interview is around 30-40 minutes and topics range from portfolio building to marketing. Thanks to Togtools for allowing us to share their podcast with Lindsay Adler on the business side of her photography.

For more interviews go to their website and they are also available for download on iTunes. You can follow their Facebook for updates on new podcasts. If you are a new photographer, they also have resources available with First Year Photographer and a free download of The Photographer's Business Model Canvas.

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Robert Feliciano's picture

I was psyched to give them a try, downloaded 5 or so episodes. But the audio quality is low. They need better microphones or less compression, I couldn't get through any of them. I'm accustomed to quality podcasts, like NPR, Frogpants and Adam Carolla. Maybe I'm too discerning, but these are unlistenable due to poor audio.

Stephen Robertson's picture

@fb8:disqus Thanks so much for your constructive criticism! I am one half of the TogTools podcast. I really appreciate you taking the time to let us know how we can improve our deliverable. We are always looking for ways to improve our podcast and increase its inherent value to the larger photography community!