Tom Lowe Creates "Timescapes" And Blows My Mind

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Come on guys no love here? I'm still blown away by this video. Hopefully we can track Tom Lowe down to give us some more info

Something very similar can be found in a 1992 film called Baraka. Check it out, it's an experience.

So interesting. Wow, the quality is just stunning. Wow! Tks for sharing!

Easily one of the best time lapse footage i have ever seen... thats a smart setup to make those stunning sequences!

Absolutely stunning. Great work and I really appreciate being able to see your setups. Looking forward to more in depth BTS on your Southwest Light tour.

I never had any idea how much preparation - and how much time - goes into such short timelapes. The results shown here are *well* worth the efforts. Thanks for the peeks behind the curtain!

Unbelievable! Thanks a lot for "behind the scenes" videos.

Amazing! It looks like the dolly system is home-built. I saw something similar here:
It is hard to see what is going on with the head that he has attached--any idea if the motorized panning is production or something he rigged up? Awesome results--the smoothest and most consistent lighting that I have ever seen on a time lapse project like that.

Wow, that was great and really took some time and talent. Gorgeous!

my question here is that how do u move and on the same time photograph stars?
Because if the xposure is long and there is movement on the dolly, wont dere be starry lines? But none here...Do you have to shoot at a much higher ISO to get higher shutter???