UFO Light Show In The Sky, AKA 50 Synchronized Quadrocopters

In a display of surreal, yet concise movements, Ars Electronica and Ascending Technologies in Austria worked together to assemble 49 Quadrocopters with multi-colored lights. Prepared for a a show called "The Cloud in the Web", programmers wrote movements for each copter and they danced in the sky, much to the delight (or fear) of onlookers. Check out the full post for more images and a video of testing.

credit: LIVA, Andreas Röbl

credit: LIVA, Andreas Röbl

Here is a video that shows some of the testing that was done, it's currently in German, but the visuals are enough to show how wild these machines are and give you an idea of their setup. I'm hoping English subtitles will be added soon!

I could see this idea taking off to create a new, programmed style of light painting, with the sky or even landscapes as the backdrop... what do you guys think?

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Very Cool!