Is This the Ultimate Rig for Shooting Handheld Video on a DSLR?

Small cameras are great for run-and-gun shooting and as bit rates and resolutions improve, you may want to start figuring out how to get your handling to match up to the image quality. Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter has put together a modular system that seems to tick all of the boxes without breaking the bank.

So what you need? Handles, extra power, and a monitor are all on the list, but Pike was also intent on creating something that was incredibly flexible and could also be transferred across different cameras. It’s the modularity of this system that impresses me most, allowing a huge degree of flexibility without using a ton of expensive components.

In a time when the entire world and his milkman seems to be shooting on a gimbal, it’s refreshing to see another professional sing the praises of the humble top handle. Mark Bone was keen to stress its importance in this incredibly useful video posted last week, and Pike is of a similar opinion. Gimbals have their place, but the floaty nature of the footage isn’t always ideal and can sometimes be a distraction. Learning how to use a top handle — especially with a little added weight — can make for some very professional-looking results.

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Caleb is a wise and generous contributor. Only wish this one could have been a little more concise.