Use A Monopod To Film Super Smooth Video On Your HDSLR

The guys from StillMotion have been featured on Fstoppers a few times for their incredible wedding videography. What many people don't know is that most of the really complicated looking shots that they get were filmed with a Manfrotto 561 Monopod. Sometimes the most expensive option isn't always the best.

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José T.'s picture

That's a really cool looking monopod, and the head was actually included in the price! Do you know if the head can be detached?

cool portable tool

Paul Houston's picture

at least the super hot chick doesn't do more than necessary.  I love this monopod

the head can be detached, just bought one last week and love it!

its funny as heck cuz i was looking for just such a video! 

Its almost like finding a Bashert!

GREAT post FS guys. These guys are VERY good at what they do. 1up!

Seriously, awesome post. I think I just might be getting one of these soon hahaha

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Awesome, so much versatility with one inexpensive tool. Brilliant :)

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I wish all my assistants who film video for me would watch this.  These guys are really smart in the way they shoot...lots to practice

just got this monopod last week and l already love it!

Fantastic post!  Love it!

Love this monopod. Hate the gratuitous hot chick. Please can you just find a woman who can do something and put her in your video? 

Very weird comment.

Sorry I'm late to this discussion but I just found this great video! Erica, I know for a fact that chick was only a stand-in because they didn't have a balloon animal to demo as a subject. However, I personally love that she knows exactly how to say the model number perfectly; she does it TWICE, actually. This kind of "method acting" takes an incredible amount of training. You can see it done well by Pamela Anderson, Ashton Kutcher, the girl from that movie Showgirls, etc. Anyway, the Monopod demo was great, FS thanks!

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cool. only $609 for the monopod :s

i use a $50 monopod for video, which is fine for me.  if i'm doing a
monopod shot, i don't need the legs this model has (if your going to be
doing static shots, a tripod is way better).  a head would be nice, but
not absolutely necessary.  one has to be careful not to overuse a monopod in video, as a good tripod is way better for most things.. good video though

stillmotion is awesome, I've learnt ALOT from these guys just by watching their SDE's. You should check out their vimeo channel or blog at

Sorry dude, Iv'e watched this video 3 times and still can't hear a word you said.
So could you please do another take without Kelly so I can concentrate. 

YO KELLY... How you doin? 

Hi Kelly,
I went to the stillmotion Workshop in paris, It was the same explanations they gave us. They shoot 80% with this ! We have to of this to make our weddings, it is even mandatory for pro wedding photographer to get creative static or non static plan. For 289$ is a good way to go.

Wow this was one of my favorite articles. I'm glad that you guys posted this today because I'm filming my cousin and her fiancée at the fair today for a mini wedding video. These tips are going to help me out!

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Great tutorial on using a monopod for simple cinematic shots. I'm buying a monopod!