Using Multiple Exposures to Create Abstract Photographs

Multiple exposures is not a new technique in photography. Though uncommon now in the digital era, multiple exposure is the art of double exposing film in order to create interesting and unique results. With the latest DSLRs, this tool is now found tucked away in your camera settings, and is perhaps your camera’s best kept secret.

Idaho based wedding photographer, Sara Byrne shows us how to explore this feature on the Canon 5d Mark III, however similar tutorials can be found for Nikon and Sony. Sara also gives us a few tips to really take advantage of this old tool brought back to life.

Watch the video above to see how its done in camera on the 5d Mark III, and check out some of her beautiful results below.



Feel free to give this technique a try, and post some of your results in the comments below.


[Thanks to Sara for the video. Check out her Website & Facebook Page]

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Great job! Check out Dan Mountford's work too @

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Ok if you want to do it with a little more difficulty and creatively try getting it on 1 frame inside a 30sec exposure. Like this. I did a video on how its done back in 2010. Sorry for the poor video quality

Why is the bubble not erect on both sides of the portrait?

Gee, I wonder where she got that idea from? P H O T O E X T R E M I S T ( What's next light painting?

Max Barros's picture

she did win the prize last year....

Holy Sh!t are you trying to frighten us?

Pretty grotesque.

A BJ would've been more interesting.


You can at least get rid of the distracting power lines in the composition.

This inspired me to experiment with my newly aqquired 5dmk3, but for some reason, I'm not able to switch to liveview and keep the multible exposure enabled. It doesn't show the overlay of the previous taken or selected image - any ideas of why this is or how to fix it?

You can make random multiple exposures using open-licensed images on Flickr, searching by tags at

Here is a multiple exposure tutorial using the Nikon D700 written in May 2012. It happens to be in Swedish but that should not be a very big problem for Google Chrome users.

Here it is:

Some nudes... Hope not to offend anyone.

I have 153 Video Tutorials (but only in Italian language) here: http://www.workshopfotografico,com

a simple shot :)

Anyone who is claiming that Sara is a sham because she didn't "invent" this technique, GROW UP. She never claimed she did, and even explains that this is what happened during the film years, when someone accidentally didn't advance the film and found this effect. Did any of you invent photography? But do you take pictures that are awesome? Are they less awesome because you didn't invent the camera? ...that's what I thought.

There is nothing abstract about these images-they’re representational human portraits with landscape replacing skin tones. Abstract is deKooning, Joseph Labers, Gerhardt Richter, etc or even Lee Freelander-I would like to actually see some abstract, non-represent all abstract multiexposure in camera images.