Using Your DSLR for Multiple Exposure Photography

While scooting through Paris, prolific photographer and Fstoppers submitter, Benjamin Von Wong set to the task of photographing master pyrotechnician Andrey Das. Ben has already done a couple shoots with fire (1-2) so to keep growing as an artist and a professional his team decided to challenge themselves. Check out the resulting video and the photos in the full post where Ben talks about how he used multiple exposures in his DSLR to turn out a wickedly hot series, all in-camera. Which is to say no Photoshop. You can also hit Ben up on his blog where he tells us the whole story, day by day.

Now before our Canon lovers jump down Ben's throat for saying Canon doesn't do multiple exposures, keep in mind not everyone is up on the 5D Mark III specs yet.

An excerpt from Ben's Blog:
DAS and I had decided that we wanted to take AMAZING shots straight out of camera, without photoshop. It is too easy these days to snigger at a photo and say: “well its just photoshop” so we really wanted to push the boundaries on what was possible to create in camera… something that was REAL. What we wanted to create is simple to do on photoshop… but in camera would be a whole different ballpark. So that was the constraint and challenge we set ourselves, even though we knew it could mean that the shots would be “less perfect” … or even miss out completely.

via [BenjaminVonWong]

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That was amazing!

Great video..  Always love seeing Von Wongs stuff.

I Just wanted to point out though that Most pentax camera's also have muti exposure..  I had it in my k10d (which is pretty old now) and its still there in my k5.  It's great not just for doing what Von Wong did but I also did a test a few year's ago using the k10d (same sensor as the nikon d200) and you can use it on a static scene to increase the dynamic range (not hdr.. just more information raw highlights/shadows) and also lower noise.

Von Wong's picture

Paul, you can actually display the preview in Nikon without loosing the shot! 

That being said, very cool that Pentax has it too. Did you know I started out on a Pentax?

No I didn't know that vonwong :D, what made you change over? (Full frame?)

I think the first time I remember some of your work was a shot on strobox with Triggerd Response.. epic shot.

Von Wong's picture

yeah you get maxed out at the camerabody on pentax. More options and why Nikon and not Canon? Well, the D300 was the best in my price range at the time :P 

Maxed out? :), I dont think there's much my k5 can't do but then the older body's (like the k10d) had pretty iffy autofocus and I didn't care for the sensor in the k20d/k7.

I had a nikon for a while.. and would have no problem going back if money allowed (but if pentax brought out a FF then id prob stay :P).

Do you have any plan's to goto Scotland on your Europe run? I'd love to hang out or help in some way If I could :)

Von Wong's picture

well full frame for one, noise performance on the higher end cameras... access to newer technologies as well as newer recycled lens availabilities :)

Throw in video capabilities and there's a whole new ballgame heh 

Unfortunately my Europe trip is already done and I'm back in Montreal!! 

The one thing that gets me most about being with pentax is lack of 3rd party support (its mostly always canon/nikon) at the end of the day the camera is just a tool and its what you do with it that matters :D.

I'll keep checking out your awesome work anyway, loving the videos :)

what pentax did you use? i have a pentax k-x

Wooh...this is so cool!

Ok for a high school project but when you want control you stack your shots in PS and blend according to your / the client's taste the other way is just pot luck and clients pay pros for to give them exactly what they requested.

Von Wong's picture

Sure, but as I mentioned, this was a challenge from one artist to another. Who knows, maybe one day a client will see the value in actually creating some RAW epicness.

Verywell done again Ben :) Do you miss your old job? :)

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Ahahaah do i really need to answer that? :P 

Canon has the multiple exposure feature: Canon’s new EOS 5D Mark III and EOS-1D X are the first EOS models to introduce in-camera multiple exposures.

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aw man... I was enjoying the Nikon advantage

vonwong is the bomb... love the basic info for newbs ... he's not too upidy eventhough he's so pro 

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lol, thanks! The internet's my teacher... gotta give back too :) 

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Found I even have the feature on my D5100. Also agree with Jason Lee :D

Great article.  One of the nice by-products of my switching from Canon to Nikon was to be able to shoot multiple exposures again (my Canon EOS film SLRs did this in the 90s).  While we can make layered exposures in photoshop (and I do quite often) being able to use the LCD screen to review and perfect the shot is an awesome tool.

I'm glad that Canon has included it recently (again).  Some folks argue against the importance of this feature.  To them, I simply say "don't use it".   To be able to create the images in-camera at will and at great length, if desired, can save untold hours at the computer.  Different artists, different tools, different results.  It's win/win.

Thanks Ben.