[Video] Canon 5DM3, 5DM2, and Nikon D800 Low-Light Video Test

Who's got who beat is a big deal for those who are debating where to put their next $3000 -- and rightly so. So if you're interested in shooting video on any of the newest and hotly debated DSLRs out there, check out this low-light, high-ISO video test. The winner is crystal clear -- literally.

SPOILER ALERT: So if that 5D Mark III doesn't impress you, I don't know what will.

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This is a stupid test, according to the Japan Camera Manufacturers Association, ISO is whatever the camera maker says it is, and Nikon's ISO 2500 is similar to Canons ISO 10,000, but the Canon is obviously over-processing the image because it's blurry @ ISO 10,000.

This is all  good for demonstrating the tech. But who is going to shoot video Or stills in one candle light. Unless you're a spy, or videoing a candle light vigil with only one candle. In which case the media be there with their food of lights. So this is all a nice display but I will never to shoot anything in "one candle power" light.