[Video] Toshiba Sends A Chair Into Space With A Balloon

I am shocked that I've never seen this amazing commercial before. I actually overlooked it a few times because I thought it was fake. It wasn't until I saw this BTSV that I found out that this really did happen. The camera had to endure temperatures down to 90 degrees below 0 and a massive fall once the balloon finally popped. Luckily the gear survived with the help of a parachute and they were able to create this amazing commercial.

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They forgot to edit out the stringy glare. I'm curious what made the chair break apart in space, I mean the legs just snapped off. Also, I was kind of lost in the tag line as to how the chair helped get the message across for Toshiba.

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I don't think they forgot to edit out the strings - it's probably intentionally left in, so people don't think it's a 3D model composited against a space backdrop. Let people realise it's a chair hanging off something - generates a bit of curiousity about how/why it was done that way. About the tag line & message - it doesn't need to make any connection - the idea is present something different to catch the viewers attention.

The chair being lifted wasn't a real chair; it was mostly balsa wood to keep the entire payload under 4 lbs as required by the FAA for these sorts of balloon lifts. After the balloon burst the balsa wood falling back to earth came apart.

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GREAT idea - although I agree with J.J - I think it failed on concept execution. As cool as it was behind the scenes, they failed to make it as cool in the 30 second spot. 

See I'm black, and black people don't send our furniture into outer-space. We could not even sit on our grand mother's GOOD couch, you know the one with the plastic on it. So naturally I was not surprised to see a NON black person flew 4 perfectly good chairs into outer-space. Obama may be wasting money, BUT HE AINT WASTING PERFECTLY GOOD OFFICE CHAIRS! lol

What kind of camera did they use?  GoPro?

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Toshiba's very own IK-HR1S ultra-compact 1080i camera