Vincent Laforet Takes on DigitalRev’s Cheap Camera Challenge

You've most certainly heard of Vincent Laforet, you just may not recognize the name. He is the mind and talent behind such short films as Reverie, Nocturne, and Mobius. In fact, when Canon was introducing video functionality into their DSLRs, they used Laforet's footage to put it on the map. Now DigitalRev is giving him a new challenge, a LensBaby Composer and a Canon A2e.

Using only two rolls of films and a cheap camera set up, DigitalRev is hoping to prove the age old argument that its not the equipment that makes the photographer, but rather the other way around. In the past, they've done this same experiment  with the names of Zack Arias, Chase Jarvis and Eric Wong. Watch the 12 minute video above to see how Vincent Laforet works to get that perfect tiltshift shot, even when it is with lower quality gear. The photos from the session are attached below. What do you think, did Vincent Laforet prove that great photos can be taken with any camera?

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that's better equipment in this episode than I used for most of college.

Awesome video. Very cool content regarding the patient framing, definitely a different mindset than what naturally proceeds out of using a digital camera.

Your intro comment about Reverie isn't entirely accurate. Laforet wasn't exactly hired to make Reverie though Canon definitely used it for everything it was worth. It's creation really is an amazing story and definitely worth a read.  

Check it out here

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If I remember correctly, the video came out before the camera was even publicly available. Same goes for Morbius and the 1DX. Isn't that kiiiiinda like hiring him?

Here is a quote from the link above (a Q&A session between Laforet and Canon) describing the agreement between Canon and Laforet before he shot Reverie on a Prototype 5d mk ii:

“This is not a Canon sponsored event or project. We don't have a budget for it. You are just borrowing the camera entirely independently from Canon, and doing your own little thing. If the movie turns out good, we'll use it -- if not, we won't. You have it for the weekend, but on Monday you have to ship it back.”

Seriously, read the first few pages of the interview; it is a crazy story considering Reverie was partially responsible for sparking an inevitible revolution in the motion picture industry.

I've heard Vincent tell this story at a seminar. He actually mentioned the suction cup coming off the car while shooting in the streets. The camera was wrapped in rubber (armor), for both safety and non-recognizability :)
As an Asian pedestrian picked it up and gave it back, Vincents heart was in his throat because he was worried that the guy recognized the new camera :)
(Or didn't recognize, and therefor became suspicious)


(Not 'Morbius')

You have to be very fearless to hand your camera to Ki (the dude from 
DigitalRev’s) as he has a tendency to drop and break camera gear.