Von Wong Photographs a Body Painted Nude, Suspended from Chains

Check out this video featuring Montreal stripper Suntory as he was painted up, greased up and strung up. The body paint by MUA Jessica Renahan used a blend of petroleum jelly, acrylic, oil paint and charcoal, creating an amazing obsidian/metallic sheen. Couple that with Benjamin's usual creativity, dedication and talent and you get some wicked results.

"I put together a crazy photoshoot with Montreal Based Stripper Suntory to attempt to put together a couple of unique shots of him suspending himself in chains. This was a very challenging shoot to put together as we required a bunch of elements that were not necessarily easy to obtain..."

For greater detail on how Benjamin knocked this one out, head over to his full post.
Photo: Benjamin “Von Wong”
Model: Suntory
Makeup: Jessica Renahan
Assist: Kaleena Jay, Nadia Zheng

via [VonWongPhotography]

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I would "hang" (no pun intented) the second one on my wall anyday!

Tracy Nanthavongsa's picture

Amazingly done, Von!