Von Wong Shoots With Continuous Light

Using fluorescent light tubes and a small flash into some transparent cloth, Ben Von Wong delivers with some beautiful images. He shot these photos in collaboration with a hairstylist and makeup artist to compete in the Contessa hair dressing award. As usual, Von Wong didn't just stop at creating some awesome images, because he also supplied us with a great behind the scenes video.

The fluorescent light tubes came from his DIY VonStudio, and they created some amazing catch lights in the model's eyes. For the bokeh in the background he used a small hot shoe flash fired into some translucent fabric. I have never shot with continuous light, but I am seeing more and more people doing the fluorescent light thing, and I am becoming more and more intrigued with trying it for myself. The final results of Ben's shoot are wonderful.





Head on over to Ben Von Wong's blog to see more photos and get more details on his awesome shoot.
You can also like Ben Von Wong on Facebook as well as follow him on Twitter.

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video is private :/

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fixed sorry about that! 

Wow, so well done and I never would have thought of using florescent light this way. You should do well in the competition. Good luck.

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haha we didnt even make it into semi finals...but no worries :D 

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The line between a male and a female is being increasingly blurred... 

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Though the images are great...

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this was a pretty cool vid. and chance of getting info on the planning of the shoot?

Very nice, great eye lighting. Taking notes for sure. Thanks for doing something cool and different dude. Appreciated!

i don't want to be the hater or something, but, please, each and every week FStoppers comes up with something new from this guy, and each and every time it's just... pretentious? pretending-to-be-pro?
seriously, von wong, you're funny and everything, i loved your 30-sec pills, that was something catchy and fresh, but this stuff sucks, like those spanish leather costumes you showed us months ago, and the victorian party.. and so on..
in this particular case catchlights are overdone, makeup is overdone, black-haired model posing is a silly DUCKFACE, background looks sorts of crappy.. 
you wish you were some sort of joeyl clone? making videos to try your way? you're just proving your lack in vision. that's it. peace!

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lets see your work.

agreed, but what if i wasn't a photographer? wouldn't i have the right to state if something is not as appealing as it's supposed to be since is shown on a blog like this? the point is not the quality of my work, rather than the quality of content displayed by this blog.

Something very special :-) nice !!!!!!!

Very cool

Awesome Blossom!!!

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You're a beast von wong-ster. a beast i say! Sick images.