Von Wong's "The Red Mistress" + BTS

Happy Thanksgiving Fstoppers. I hope you are all having a wonderful day with friends and family (if you are somewhere which celebrates Thanksgiving). Today I give thanks for friends, family, and many other things, including Ben Von Wong's latest behind the scenes for his video and still shoot for Filler Magazine, entitled "The Red Mistress."

Ben got contacted to create a video/still project for Filler through Suzy Johnson & Associates which told a beautiful love story through fashion and dance. Teamed up with some amazing talent and a great crew he utilized a RED EPIC to shoot the motion portion at 300FPS at 3k. He then shot stills using the stage lighting and two studio strobes, and by dragging his shutter and using rear curtain sync he got some beautiful photos with both frozen action and motion blur. For the poster he shot two gridded soft boxes from the sides, with a 86" parabolic umbrella boomed over the models. He shot at 200mm to compress the models together so they appeared to be standing side by side. For more information on this shoot go check out Ben's blog post!



Behind the scenes for the poster shot. I see a beauty dish, but Ben made no mention of it. (Update: Ben saw the post and emailed me to say he forgot to mention he used the BD gridded and soft to focus on the necklace and not the face)

Lighting setup for the motion blurred shots. The banks of lights at the top and bottom are hot lights, with the two large soft boxes on the end being strobes.





[Via Von Wong Blog]
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As always, awesome, beautiful shots. Excellent BTS video too.

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thanks :) 

great piece of work.

Stunning work from Von Wong as always!

Amazing, full of passion

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