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This BTS video was created to show how Director Jonny Kelly created his 38 second animation.

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wow that was a ton of work for a 30second clip. How much money did they have to play with? real gold for the button?! ever heard of gold paint?

That's an epic set up for something this simple. Still, it's interesting to see the detail being put into this.

Ya I was thinking the same thing... why did they need real gold?

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it's all about the details people! I always use real gold on my photoshoots...nothing but the best

it's only gold LEAF its really cheap!

This are definitively the amish guys of contemporary filmmaking. OMFG. The only thing what could have toped that, is if they drew every frame on clear celluloid looking true the back of the camera. Is this a new trend to drew attention to yourself this days by doing simple things in the most complicated way? What's next rebuilding the pyramids with old fashion construction tools but using satellite images and GPS to document the process?