ARTwalk: Creative And Unique Way Of Shooting Wedding Invitations

'ARTwalk' is a wedding invitation project by Kobi Bachar (animator) and Matan Edri (Artist) from Israel. They decided to use their talent and creative minds to create unique wedding invitations for their soon-to-be-married friends, and create something that won't be boring like most event invitations. For each couple they create (paint) a different 20-feet wide backdrop on a sidewalk or in a parking lot, and shoot the couple as if they were part of the sketch.

Kobi and Matan used a Canon 5D Mark II connected to an extension arm and a monitor to shoot the entire process and of course the final image. Each invitation they create takes about 4 ours to make, and the couple get in the frame for about 15 minutes total for final touches and to model in the drawing.







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Haha, that's awesome! :D

my wife and I's save the date. obviously you can see there was some inspiration from the vid below.

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