Attending A Wedding Soon? Be Sure To Watch This Video

The hot topic for wedding photographers is the guests and their smartphones getting in the way of photos or video during the wedding. The topic has been covered on a number of photography blogs and finally beginning to get mainstream attention as well. Fox40 News out of Sacramento, CA published this video yesterday for their viewers sharing great advice for people attending weddings. Great video to share with Facebook friends and fans.

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SERIOUSLY! First of all, who the crap brings an iPad to a WEDDING! That just screams, "I'm bored and I don't want to be here, this iPad will entertain me." On top of that, they use it to take a picture! Serious? I want to just slap some of those people.

I'am really serious yes ! the new thing is to record and/or photography all the wedding with huge Ipad, the screen is so large that the owner can't manage to frame and press the button at the same time, so they are mostly filming wich is ever the worst for me as it's much longer than a simple photo (the rumours say retina bullshit thing it's great ! lol) during my last week wedding 3 guests came with their Ipad, without mentioning the regular guests with smartphones and cameras... cherry on the top, while I was eating during the dinner between 2 activities, one guest came to proudly show me how good he managed his images and saying "be careful am your rival now hahaha"

recording not "filming" (sorry if my english is not perfect am french :) )

If someone came up to me and said that, I'd just tell them that they have beginner's luck. It doesn't diminish that they may have a good picture but at the same time reaffirms I'm the professional who can do this consistently.

As a wedding officiant, (and I appear in a couple of the shots in this video), I always ask my couples if they would like me to do the "unplugged speech" at the beginning of the ceremony. At the very least I request they turn off their cell phones, but if they are on board, I'll also directly request no cameras, or electronic devices. Put them away and let the excellent photographers the couple has hired do their job. It certainly makes everyone more present to the ceremony.

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I work for a Toronto based wedding video company | and I have seen and experience everything.

To be honest, if the couple ask the guests to take their seats and have a unplugged wedding, that would be the best and ideal situation.

But honestly, how often do you have the perfect shooting day? So we honestly try to be more laid back, do the best we can. I would seriously recommend every professional videographer/photographer to take it easy, be more laid back, do the best you can. Your mental health is also very important and is not worth it to be getting angry everyday at your job.