ENDS TOMORROW: Win a Sneak Preview of Fstoppers New Wedding Photography Tutorial

UPDATE: CONTEST ENDS TOMORROW! After 2 full years, it is finally done!  Our digital download, How To Become a Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer "DVD" tutorial is ready to be released. Lee and I have spent countless hours in filming, editing, and producing this 14+ hour tutorial, and we want to give three lucky Fstoppers readers a free, pre-release copy in its entirety. And to top it off, we are giving each of those 3 winners one of our secret light modifiers currently in preproduction.  Details about how to enter are outlined below.

Entering this contest is extremely easy. We are giving away three copies of our newest wedding tutorial through three different online platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and this post down below. You can enter across all three platforms for a total of 3 chances of winning. Everyone is eligible to enter no matter where you are located in the world, how old or young you might be, or how good (or bad) you may be with a camera. The winners will be randomly picked on January 1st at 3pm eastern. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Fstoppers: Simply leave a comment on this post below to enter. Entries must be more than 5 words and all purposefully hateful comments will be ineligible and removed.

Twitter: Follow @fstoppers and Tweet the following message to enter: "I want to win a sneak preview of the new @Fstoppers wedding DVD: http://bit.ly/TmwVfK"

Facebook: Follow us on facebook and leave a message on our contest post at www.facebook.com/thefstoppers Just like your entry on Fstoppers.com, hateful and extremely short comments will not be eligible.

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Daniel Chew's picture

14 hour?!?!?! Sooo awesome!

Next amazing DVD from fstoppers. Can't wait!!

Paul Velez's picture

Shooting weddings is a very rewarding job. I love recording peoples happy memories. It makes me feel really good. This DVD should be an amazing product and can't wait to check it out.

The DVD is looks awesome  with a lot of things to learn.Maybe I will be one of the winners of this course.

mario suwandi's picture

nice job...cant wait to watch the tutorial :) sound amazing, raises my curiosity...

Looks like a good buy even if I don't win, but slide a copy my way please!!!

This is exactly what I need as a beginner!!

Trygve Hemminghytt's picture

Oh! I would LOVE to win!

sign me up - hope i win the tutorial - looks cool!

Josiah Hartman's picture


Patrick Hall's picture

Careful what you wish for....I quit Dental school and became a photographer :)

andrescuervo's picture

FS making it again and this time in a bigger way! Love to win!

BreAnne Essen's picture

Good luck to everyone that enters! This looks like a great product!

Kelvin Brink's picture

If you have put that much time into the video, this must cover everything for us meer photographers, who stumble at wedding photography. Cannot wait to watch it, sounds great, thank you for time and effort

Just what I need! I recently joined a wedding shoot and realized it wasn't as easy as I thought. There were much much more that I needed to learn. Techniques, Angles, Camera Settings, Composition, Lighting, etc. I did a terrible job since my ideas were all out of place. I'm really glad you guys are having a giveaway! Goodluck to everyone! :)

Marc Wijngaarde's picture

Wedding photograpy scares to hell out of me so 14 hours of advice would be a great help. I'm in!

Patrick Hall's picture

That's the goal Marc, we want to remove a lot of the fear :)

Hi ! Nice idea, it would be cool to win this DVD, we all have many things to learn !

This would be an awesome thing to have in my pursue of reclaiming weddings in my photography business.

I really want to win this tutorial! Cannot wait :)

Thank you for being leaders and great examples of what it means to be a professional photographer...oh and I am sure this DVD series is AWESOME!

Would definitely not say no to this!

i love to watch this video

Awesomeeeeee... You have always been an inspiration to me :D

Hope I can win this DVD to be the first winner from EGYPT :D

Quentin Decaillet's picture

Awesome! Right during the wedding season break, just in time to step our game up for the next summer 

This is something that the Wedding Photography Industry needed, thank you.

Dan Tabár's picture

Got the Hurley DVD, would love to see what you guys have in store here

Carlos Ontiveros's picture

Im in it to win it! :D

all i ever wanted as a kid was to win this thing. yup!!! screw that remote control helicopter!!!

Patrick Hall's picture

Ha, Lee and I were just flying that remote helicopter around the office today....our DVD is pretty cool but that thing, well it's the best Christmas gift of 2012!

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