ENDS TOMORROW: Win a Sneak Preview of Fstoppers New Wedding Photography Tutorial

UPDATE: CONTEST ENDS TOMORROW! After 2 full years, it is finally done!  Our digital download, How To Become a Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer "DVD" tutorial is ready to be released. Lee and I have spent countless hours in filming, editing, and producing this 14+ hour tutorial, and we want to give three lucky Fstoppers readers a free, pre-release copy in its entirety. And to top it off, we are giving each of those 3 winners one of our secret light modifiers currently in preproduction.  Details about how to enter are outlined below.

Entering this contest is extremely easy. We are giving away three copies of our newest wedding tutorial through three different online platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and this post down below. You can enter across all three platforms for a total of 3 chances of winning. Everyone is eligible to enter no matter where you are located in the world, how old or young you might be, or how good (or bad) you may be with a camera. The winners will be randomly picked on January 1st at 3pm eastern. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Fstoppers: Simply leave a comment on this post below to enter. Entries must be more than 5 words and all purposefully hateful comments will be ineligible and removed.

Twitter: Follow @fstoppers and Tweet the following message to enter: "I want to win a sneak preview of the new @Fstoppers wedding DVD: http://bit.ly/TmwVfK"

Facebook: Follow us on facebook and leave a message on our contest post at www.facebook.com/thefstoppers Just like your entry on Fstoppers.com, hateful and extremely short comments will not be eligible.

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well, i didn't get to watch the DVD yet so who am i to say which one of the two is a better gift?!?!

This Dvd has perfect timing! Thanks for all of your hard work! 

A great way to start a year of 2013. Fstoppers way to go!


14 hours of FStoppery goodness! Can't wait!

Happy New Year Fstoppers! You've been an awesome resource and website for so many photographers...keep up the awesome work! 

Alessandro Bagalini's picture

I'm a wedding photographer, but I can't stop to learn from you! It's amazing, Thnak you!

I would like to win this great package, too! :)

This will be one of the most useful wedding video. Must see

I want to win a sneak preview of the new @Fstoppers wedding DVD: http://bit.ly/TmwVfK :)

 Entered on all three would really like to win.

you guys are awesome!! i seriously cannot express how much i appreciate the work you guys do on here! without exaggeration i am on your site 2 to 3 times a day soaking in the wealth of knowledge you guys provide to the photography industry as a whole. i thank you so much for what you do!! 

Patrick Hall's picture

That means a lot to us Taylor.  Never in a million years would I have thought FS would have become what it is today...it's a bit overwhelming actually.  I'm glad to know people are still enjoying it as much as we still are today

 Happy New Year Fstoppers! You've been an awesome resource and website for so many photographers...keep up the awesome work! Viva L'Italia!!! :)

Simon Paradis's picture

Shooting Weddings is something big with lot of planning and traditions where we have to be at the right place at the right time. I want this DVD to help me feel more confident and learn from people who do this as their speciality. For now I only shot 4 weddings, both videos and photos.

Jason DreamArts's picture

 I'm in ! Such a great idea,

Dorin Nițu's picture

You are doing a great job and I'll not stop reading you guys, in 2013! Keep up!

Evan Wilson's picture

I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting both you guys when you were in Glasgow last year, and I had expressed my interest and ambition becoming a wedding photographer. Thanks in part to you and your site, that is becoming a reality! I have booked three weddings for next year, and whilst that isn't a record to beat, it's a start, one with no portfolio, as it has been almost impossible to find a job as a second anywhere. I have the confidence to meet these people, and I am sure that I will do well, but I can't think of something that would serve me better in the upcoming year than your training DVD. I am throwing my hat into the ring with the absolute hope that luck can swing my way, but you guys have given me knowledge and experience in other ways, and I thank you for that! All the best guys, hope the work pays off!

Tarun Garg's picture

This seems to be the best Christmas gift.. Santa wants me to learn wedding photography from the masters.. :)

I would be very happy to win this thing. Had "my first wedding" about three weeks ago. But it was simple. Just four people ;) including me :D

now I want to learn something about the bigger ones :)

Martin Jensen's picture

This is going to be interesting! And I´m glad to see you back on fs!

14+ hours of tutorial. I must win this. great job guys.

Willie Dalton's picture

If its even half as good as the Peter Hurley one, its gonna be phenomenal!

14+ hours of tutorial. I must win this. great job guys.

Have seen your earlier video of Peter Hurley Headshots video which was great so really need a copy of this as i know its going to be awesome also :-). Keep up the good work guys.

lopaka holmberg's picture

ive been trying the uphill battle in Hawaii of going from landscape to weddings as a full time job, and a DVD like this will be appreciated on all fronts...im hoping you've included a chapter on stress as well

Thanks for your dedication guys! Your knowledge and experience really helps us little guys out! This stuff would really help me out and I continue to shoot weddings! Crossing my fingers for the win!

Richard Spears's picture

Fstoppers is one of my favorite photography sites.  The coolest thing a couple of wedding photographers have ever put together... period!  I'm a small-time wedding photographer in South Texas, but I'd love to win this and improve my business.  

Rebecca Britt's picture

Where in South Texas, if you don't mind me asking?

Richard Spears's picture

San Antonio area, Hill Country

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